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Post  Phoenix on Tue Jun 01, 2010 12:58 pm

With the growing impact Islam is having on western society (specifically parts of Europe), I don't see why the main site would not have a section on Islam.

The articles on Christianity, atheism, and humanism are really great, and I think you guys could do a great job tackling Islam.

Regardless, keep up the good work.


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Islam on the Main Site Empty Lack of real courage

Post  georgesign on Fri Jul 09, 2010 8:26 am

It's very simple why this site doesn't tackle Islam. The authors of this site obviously lack the courage of their convictions. As a non-believer in any form of organised religion I think they should all be equally exposed. Unfortunately Islam tends to bite back so it's just a matter of lack of courage on Truth-Saves part.


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Islam on the Main Site Empty Re: Islam on the Main Site

Post  Clint on Mon Jul 12, 2010 6:31 am


As one of the site Admins, I'll reply on behalf of myself at least anyhow.

@Phoenix: Cheers heaps for the comments. I'm quite proud of the elegant layout and information that's packed into each segment, and very thankful of Joseph (the creator) for all of the hard work and time he's put in to it.

@georgesign: Your connecting dots and making claims without any reason to do so. Kind of like theists do to arrive at their conclusions. Though I can't vouch for everyone that contributes to this site, I'll voice my own opinions/reasons as to why Islam gets, at most, a brief mention.

Alright, I'll start of from quoting the Site Info
The three major dogmatic belief systems causing serious issues that need immediate attention are Christianity, Islam and the government of North Korea. So why does this site focus on just one of the major dogmatic belief systems that suppresses truth? The simple answer is because this site is run by humans and as humans we cannot effectively stand up to all three since we all have outside lives to maintain. We focus specifically on Christianity because it is most prominent in the countries were we live. We have no right to question or stand up to Islam or N. Korea if we don't first stand up to the dogmatic belief system in our own backyards.
I guess that, to an extent, hits on a large part of the reason. ...As for myself. I have spent over a decade now researching religion - concentrating on the Judeo-Christian religion in specific. Islam isn't a big influence where I'm from (which is why I went down the Old/New Testament route), and I don't have all the time in the world - I wish I did ...but I dont. While Islam is probably logically, rationally and factually flawed as both Judaism and Christianity. And while I have some knowledge about Islam, I have not put the hours into researching the finer details of historical blunders, moral and factual errors of the Qu'ran - like I have the bible.

Again, I simply don't have the time to spend years on end researching the in's and out's of Islam, like I have the Old and New Testament. Due to this, I'm not willing to put down in print why the Qu'ran is probably just as much of a failed book of fiction and proceed to list the details.

But the criticisms this site aims at the bible, also generally applies to the Qu'ran, to an extent. When a claim is made in the bible, that has no evidence to back it up and we jump on it, exposing the flaws. While it doesn't specifically say on this site, any skeptic can logically link the exact same criticisms and apply it to the Qu'ran when it makes the same mistakes.

...Now perhaps this site does need a section specifically on Islam? Phoenix is probably very well correct when he said what he said. But I am not the individual, nor probably is Joseph to do this (not that I'm speaking on his behalf - he can do that). While we have references to external websites (that are made by people that have put the hours into researching Islam & the Qu'ran) for info on Islam, perhaps an individual that's knowledgeable in the Qu'ran, that has the right skeptical approach to life, religion, science and reality can come forward and offer their free time? Maybe that is on the cards for the future, but is not currently the case. The site is continually changing with new bits being added. The amount of additional time that it'd take by the existing Admins to ensure a thorough analysis of an entire Islamic religion would be huge. Also take into account the graphic design, web design and programming hours that go into this beautiful site.

Again, the entire site has been made in someone's free time. No one gets paid, and every person involved in it has a full time job, as well as other interests, hobbies, sports which take up time as well. Not to mention partners that also deserve time. I personally travel quite a bit at the same time. So instead of making unsupported claims and accusations, you could put forward constructive criticism (which is always welcome), just like Phoenix has - which we appreciate very much.

My 2 cents worth :-)

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