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Post  maldoror on Sat Apr 17, 2010 12:13 pm

I generally coincide with 99.99% of the topics, I just have the feeling there's some things in it that hinder the message.

one of them is misspellings, for example:
* endorce -> endorse
* seperation -> separation

Also conceptually there's a heavy emphasis on truth, without explaining which definition of truth you mean.
I think you're probably talking about Popperian truth, but it's not easily identifiable from the texts, and there's no links to anything explaining Karl Popper's thoughts, nor any of the thinkers who followed his lead.

On the imagery of Charles Darwin, yes... Darwin was a brilliant man. But Darwin was also a religious person, and there have been many thinkers after him who have completed, and given far more depth to his thought since 1859.

In that sense, the imagery of Darwin is portrayed just as a simple counteract to Jesus, which makes no sense at all.
It's a quite trivial, simplistic way to put it. I get it that it brings more attention and sends a clear message, but if you're intending to make a point:
1) reasonable, intelligent people who aren't atheists will be turned-off by this simplicity
2) religious extremists don't care, and won't be de-programmed anyway
3) those who agree with you will stick with you, but you won't convert anybody this way

Just my two cents, and keep up with the good work.


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