My story as an atheist and Humanist

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My story as an atheist and Humanist Empty My story as an atheist and Humanist

Post  Admin on Sat Sep 05, 2009 6:12 pm

I identify myself as an “atheist” and a Humanist. I am by definition an atheist because do not believe in any god and I am an Humanist I value and treasure life.

I was never raised to believe in any particular religion nor was I ever raised to not believe in a religion. As a child my family did partake in church on sundays for a few months but decided to pull us out because then wanted my sister and I free to make up own minds when the time comes. I never had any opinions towards religion grown up other than I simply did not buy into the fantastic tales my christian and catholic friends told me.

About four or five years ago I over heard some of the “controversy” between Intelligent Design and the theory of evolution, out of curiosity I did extensive research to find out what the arguments were about. After discovering that all the claims made in favor of evolution hold up to and are heavily backed by the evidence and that the claims in favor of ID only hold up in the light of a limited and select amount amount of evidence with a disregard for all contradictory evidence I came to the obvious conclusion that ID is false. As it turns out, scientists have to put up with a lot of dishonest attacks from ID'ers and a lot of time and money that could be used for advancing the lives of everyone around us is instead being wasted to defend education from fundamentalist Christian beliefs. This is horrible but being the curious person that I am I soon discovered there are a lot of problems in society all linked to the conviction that the Bible is a source of absolute truth.

As a Humanist I felt it was my moral duty to learn more about the most influential book in today's society. I devoted most of my free time to learn what the Bible actually says, what the Church says it says instead, the history of the Bible and the history of Christianity its self. As it turns out, although scholars are well aware of the things I have learned, the general public was completely oblivious to what the Bible says and how it was formed. Having a background in music promotion I decided to turn my skill towards something more important to society, promoting the truth. That is my simple goal with, to promote the full truth so people can make life affecting decisions that are no longer based on limited knowledge. I feel that sharing the truth is the only thing that can unite us all and tear down that walls built upon false truths that have divided the human race for too long.

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